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    P.O. Box 3608 * Los Angeles, CA 91407 * (213) 285-8064

         I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for your letters and calls.
    DANZIG and I appreciate all the interest you have shown.  For each of you who wrote or
    called letting us know you wanted to be on the DANZIG FORCE TEAM, we thank you.

        Enclosed you will find DANZIG flyers and cards letting you know when Lucifuge will
    be released.  I would consider it a great help if you would pass out the cards to others who
    you think might be interested in joining the Force.

        If you know people who enjoy DANZIG as much as you, please give them the
    address and phone number or send their name and address to me.  As things become
    available you are a top priority to receive them first.

        I know that without devoted people like you on our team there would be no

        Thanks for the support and keep the faith.

                                                         The DANZIG way, the only way!