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           P.O. Box 3608 * Los Angeles, CA 91407 * (213) 285-8064

                    COMING AT YOU WITH DANZIG

 Attached is the Danzig tour itinerary (as promised).  I hope they
 are playing in or near your town so that you will get an
 opportunity to meet and greet them.

 I am also hoping that some of the Force team members will call on
 the Danzig line and leave a message for me if they are planning
 on attending any of the shows.  Since I will not be at most of
 the shows that are  listed, I would love to have some Force
 members pass out Danzig cards at the venue they will be attending
 so that we can spread the word all around the country and create

 If you plan on attending any of the shows or just want to help
 out, let me know and I will send the cards for you to pass out at
 the show or club.  All the person has to do is fill it out and
 send it back to me.  You will not be responsible for getting the
 cards back to me.  The address will be on the front of the card
 since they are like post cards.      Also, you must send me a
 telephone number where you can be contacted and please include
 your zip code!

 Let me know whether you can help with the shows as soon as
 possible so I can get the information to the tour manager and set
 up some sort of meeting between the Force and Danzig so that the
 band can thank you personally for all the work you have done and
 are doing.

 We are still trying to get the Danzig video "Her Black Wings"
 onto MTV so let's not give up on that and keep fighting to get
 Danzig's music seen and heard.  For those of you who can't call
 during the day when the request lines are open, remember, you can
 write MTV as many letters as it takes to get Danzig onto regular
 rotation which begins when we get them on Headbanger's Ball.  The
 address is:
         MTV Networks
                               1775 Broadway
                               10th Floor
                               New York, NY 10019

 Remember, it's all up to us.  We can't let Danzig down.

 Last reminder: don't forget to call your local radio stations and
 request "Her Black Wings" everyday, all day and when it crosses
 your mind.

      The Danzig Way, The Only Way