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  P.O. Box 3608 * Los Angeles, CA 91407 * (213) 285-8064

  TO: DANZIG Force Members and Supporters:

  FROM: P.J.

  I want to start by thanking you for your help and support of DANZIG.  For all of you who
  have helped at the various shows by passing out cards or flyers, Thank You.

  For those of you who have been able to meet the band at the various venues I hope you
  enjoyed it.  I know there were a few complications in a few places where either people didn't
  wait for the band or were not able to find the tour bus.  We are trying to fine tune the
  situation, but problems do happen, so I apologize and things will get straightened out.

  For everyone who either attended the in-store in Fresno, California, in July with DANZIG
  or heard about it you know there was a bootleg problem.

  The band and I try to explain to everyone we talk to about the problems of bootleg
  merchandise.  Please do not buy bootleg merchandise from anyone.  If people are
  selling bootleg merchandise they are not true supporters of DANZIG and the
  DANZIG way.  Please do not buy any bootleg merchandise.

  I know Glenn, DANZIG's previous albums and merchandise is hard to find, but isn't it
  better not to have it at all than to go against what Glenn and The Band believe in and live

  Anything regarding the present band should be available.  If not, please let me know of the
  places that do not have it and I will do my best to try and get merchandise in that particular
  store.  No promises, but I will do my best to help.

  Glenn and The Band understand and respect the fact that you want their merchandise.
  Shouldn't we respect DANZIG enough not to buy any bootleg merchandise.  Think
  about it!

  On a more interesting note.  I have received calls and letters asking what happened on
  MTV.  Good Question.  Believe it or not, no one knows.  What we do know is that we have
  to take things into our own hands now.  I am sending petitions out to force and support
  members to have people sign demanding that MTV play "Her Black Wings".  If you have
  not received a petition and would like to help spread the word, please write a letter or call
  on the line.

  If you or your friends have not received your package, it may be due to the fact that you did
  not leave your full address and zip code on the line.  Everyone is important!  We all want to
  do our part to spread the word.  Please remember to speak clearly, leave your complete
  address and zip code.  Sometimes, I need to reach some of you to set up meet and greets
  with the band and I am unable to reach you because I don't have your phone number.
  Please leave a telephone number where I can reach you.

  There are so many things coming up with DANZIG that it sometimes blows the mind.  You
  have done a great job spreading the word to others.  With all of us working together to push
  DANZIG there is no telling how far they can go.

  There will be applications going out soon regarding the long awaited "Angels of the
  Seventh Dawn" fan club.

  Please keep calling your local radio stations and MTV to request "Her Black Wings".

  Just to put some of you to work, I am enclosing a list of the radio stations with the request
  numbers where DANZIG needs some heavy phone action.  If none of the radio stations
  are in your area, you may have friends in the area where the station is located.  Ask your
  friends to support DANZIG in areas you cannot cover.  Let me know how the stations are
  going in your area.



  STATION                        CITY, STATE                          REQUEST LINE

  Z ROCK                         Everywhere                           1-800-992-7625

  G-FORCE                        Chicago, IL                          708-498-9971

  KNAC                           Long Beach, CA                       213-437-5622

  WHVY                           Baltimore, MD                        301-325-1097  
                                                                      (after 8:00 p.m.)

  WSOU                           South Orange, NJ                     201-761-9768

  KSVR                           Everett, WA                          206-428-1198

  KTOO                           Juneau, AK                           907-586-1212

  KUNV                           Las Vegas, NV                        702-739-3976

  KYMC                           St. Louis, MO                        314-576-9596

  WBCN                           Boston, MA                           617-536-8000

  WJUL                           Lowell, MA                           508-459-0579

  WBMB                           New York, NY                         212-447-3000

  WRTN                           New Rochelle, NY                     914-636-0110

  WDBM                           East Lansing, MI                     517-355-4227

  WIDR                           Kalamazoo, MI                        616-387-6303/04

  WGIR                           Manchester, NH                       603-668-0234

  WKPX                           Sonrise, FL.                         305-572-1321

  WMMS                           Cleveland, OH                        216-578-1007

  WSFX                           Nanticoke, PA                        717-281-0934