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                         P.O. Box 3608
                    Los Angeles, CA 91407

                    WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DANZIG

 First off I would like to say thank you to all of the DANZIG
 Force members for all of their support.  If you have not received
 your complimentary tape or DANZIG cards and flyers, please call
 me on the DANZIG line and I will get them right out to you
 although I believe I contacted all the Force members last week so
 you should have your packages.

 We have DANZIG Force bumper stickers coming and the Force members
 can expect to receive them by next week.  For those of you not
 yet on our side and committed to the Force we will be sending you
 bumper stickers that say DANZIG.     Once you join the Force you
 will be receiving the tape, cards and flyers and any other
 support items the record label gives me to send to you.  We are
 planning to have Glenn and the band sign posters for Force
 members by the end of this month before they go on tour.  You
 will also be receiving a copy of the tour schedule when I receive
 it from the record company.  We are attempting to set up a system
 where Force members can be assured of great seats.     More on that
 as it happens.

 The DANZIG Fan Club, Angels Of The Seventh Dawn, will be starting
 up in about two months.  For those of you who have sent money, I
 sent it back because Glenn does not want any money coming in
 until he has released the artwork and began to decide what kind
 of package he can offer the club.  I think we know that it's
 going to be great'

 Speaking of Fan Clubs, write and tell us what you would like from
 DANZIG'S ANGELES OF THE SEVENTH DAWN Fan Club.         We would be
 interested to hear what you think.     After all, it will be your
 club and your link with the band.

 I told you earlier that MTV had accepted "Her Black Wings" for
 Head Bangers Ball but Glenn wants more.  He wants to have "Her
 Black Wings" accepted for regular rotation on MTV and he thinks
 we can convince them to do it.  CAN WE?  What we can begin doing
 is writing MTV every day and every night requesting the hell out
 of the video until they are forced to play DANZIG.        To write
 them, MTV Networks, 1775 Broadway, 10th Floor, New York, NY
 10019.  We will let you know when to begin calling.


 Force members that need more flyers or cards can call me and I
 will get them right out.    Also, if you know of record stores,
 rock shops or radio stations that appreciate DANZIG let me know.
 If you have any local magazines, fanzines where you would like to
 read about DANZIG, let me hear from you.  In any city where there are
 usually places that have our kind of music exclusively and I want
 to know where those places are in your town.

 When "Her Black Wings" is heard on a radio station in your city,
 let me know the name of the station and where I can write to
 them.    If you can find out the number for the request line, we
 will let other people in your city know that they can call and
 request DANZIG.      If we do this as a team, we can make DANZIG
 Number One this time.  They deserve it and we are all going to
 work hard to deliver.

 One of the other ways to make ourselves heard and inform people
 about DANZIG is for each of us to put the flyers and cards in
 stores where people can get them and go to concerts for bands
 that are imitations of DANZIG and try to reach out and contact
 those people in the clubs or concert halls.  There are many ways
 to promote DANZIG and if you come up with other ways, write to us
 and let us know so we can spread the word to others.

 Don't forget to send me ideas of what you would like to receive
 as part of your ANGELS OF THE SEVENTH DAWN package.  Glenn would
 like to receive your letters as soon as possible so we can get
 the ANGELS package ready.  You've never seen angels like these.

 Write back and give us your ideas on the fan club.and on other
 ways to promote the band.       We are depending on all of you for
 your help and support.  This band belongs to all of us.

                                   The DANZIG way, The Only way