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             P.O. Box 3608 * Van Nuys, CA 91407 (213) 285-8064

                    LONG WAY BACK FROM HELL -- AGAIN

 Yes, folks it's that time again.  I have just received tour dates for Danzig's Second
 Leg of their Long Way Back From Hell Tour 90-91.

 I appreciate all of the calls and letters from everyone wanting to know where and
 when Danzig will be in their town or close to their town.

 Enclosed, you will find the dates we have so far.  There may be a change which I
 will keep you up to date on, and you can do the same if you know about the
 changes first.

 This leg, Danzig's opening act will be Trouble, with Death Angel also doing a few

 A lot is happening here at Danzig Headquarters and on the street with The
 Danzig Force Team Members.  Let me take a moment to personally thank all of
 The Force Members from the band for all of the hard work with MTV, with the
 letters and phone calls.  To everyone who is still getting names for The Petitions
 for Her Black Wings, please keep up the good work.  Unfortunately we are still
 having problems getting this video on MTV.  But believe me there is nothing to
 stop us, and nothing we can't accomplish for Danzig, but then I probably don't
 have to tell you that.

 By now most people know that MTV has been playing Killer Wolf on
 Headbangers Ball every saturday night.  That's a great start, but it's not nearly
 enough.  Not by a long shot.  We need to make MTV stand up and take notice.  We
 need to show them as John Christ says "Danzig Won't Go Away, and that
 eventually they will have to listen and do what we want, they will play Danzig".

 Attention all Force Members and Supporters, Don't forget about the "What
 Would You Do For Danzig" Contest. I promise The Angels Of The Seventh Dawn
 Fan Club will be starting soon.

 Keep up the good work.  I know it's tough sometimes, but we all have the same
 goal and the same cause.  We all have the same thing in mind.

 The Danzig Way, The Only Way,


                     DANZIG TOUR ITINERARY (AS OF 9/26/90)

                         SECOND LEG (TROUBLE OPENING)

    Date                         City                   Venue
    Wed         09/26/90         Las Vegas              Artemus Ham Music Hall
    Thu         09/27/90         Tucson                 El Casino Ballroom
    Fri         09/28/90         Irvine                 Bren Center
    Sat         09/29/90         Off
    Sun         09/30/90         Palo Alto              The Edge
    Mon         10/01/90         Petaluma               Phoenix Theater
    Tue         10/02/90         Sacramento             Crest Theater
    Wed         10/03/90         Off
    Thu         10/04/90         Off
    Fri         10/05/90         Portland               Melody Lane
    Sat         10/06/90         Off
    Sun         10/07/90         Seattle                Moore Theater
    Mon         10/08/90         Vancouver              Commodore Ballroom
    Tue         10/09/90         Off
    Wed         10/10/90         Boise                  The Zoo
    Thu         10/11/90         Off
    Fri         10/12/90         Omaha                  The Sokol Auditorium
    Sat         10/13/90         Green Bay              City Center Theater
    Sun         10/14/90         Off
    Mon         10/15/90         Waukegan, IL           The Palace
    Tue         10/16/90         Madison                Barrymore Theater
    Wed         10/17/90         Off
    Thu         10/18/90         Columbus               Newport
    Fri         10/19/90         Flint                  Capitol Theater
    Sat         10/20/90         Indianapolis           Ritz Music Hall
    Sun         10/21/90         Kalamazoo              State Theater
    Mon         10/22/90         Off
    Tue         10/23/90         Toronto                TBA