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   P.O. Box 3608
 Van Nuys, CA 91407


 It's been a while since you heard from DANZIG and you're probably
 wondering what's up.  What's been happening with DANZIG?

 DANZIG were in Europe this Summer and have returned to continue the
 massacre the way only DANZIG cani There are tour dates included so
 check out the show, it's killerl DANZIG were awesome in Europe,
 and there's no doubt they will rule herel If you are going to see
 DANZIG and want to meet the guys give us a call or drop us a
 letter.  The sooner you contact us, the easier it will be to set
 you for the meeting.

 Many of you are big Misfit, Samhain and DANZIG collectors who
 spread the word about not buying bootleg merchandise and we thank
 you.   Glenn Danzig has a special release out on Plan 9 Records
 called "Black Aria" and it's a must have item for your collection
 If you get a chance pick it up, it's at most record stores where
 DANZIG tapes and cd's are sold. If they don't have it ask them to
 order it f or you.  Let us know what you think, we love hearing f rom
 you.  You guys keep us updated on what's happening on the street
 since DANZIG can't be everywhere at once.

 The video "How The Gods Kill" has just been released and is very
 cool.  Check it out on "The Box" and look for it on )M.  If you
 can't find it, write or call MTV and "The Box" and request itt let
 them know what's up.  You guys did a great job getting "Dirty Black
 Summer" played.   The response MTV received for that video was
 incredible, let's do it again!

 Angels Of The Seventh Dawn is under way and we are going into our
 second successful year.  If you haven't already joined, it's not to
 late, the more Angels the better; you don't know what you're
 missing until you join!

 People write asking if DANZIG get their mail and actually answer
 it.   Yes they do.   With DANZIG on the road it takes a while to
 answer all the letters, but they do.  Have faith and hang in there,
 you'll receive a response sooner or later.

 DANZIG hopes everyone has a safe and happy holiday.  We hope to see
 all of you back next year safe and ready to rock harder than ever.
 For everyone who sent birthday cards and holiday gifts, thank you,
 you haven't been forgotten.

 DANZIG appreciates all the support you gave them this year and
 would like to say thank youl We'll see you in 93'.

 The Danzig Way, The Only Way!